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 Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation

Vision Brief: All Society Vulnerable, Marginalized and Deprived people live to their full potential with rights fulfilled.
Mission Brief: Awaken Individual and groups of people to their needs and ability to practical change in a participatory socio-economic development partnership
Values Brief: Christianity; Respect for each other; Transparency and accountable; Working as a team; Producing quality results.

Board of Directors; and Management

BIDCAF Organogram and Service Terms

Message from the Chairperson Board of Directors: (Rev. Mufumba Fredrick)

Rev. Mufumba Fredrick

Dear Partners,

On behalf of the Board of Directors i would like to express our sincere appreciations to all those people and organizations that have made BIDCAF perform and be relevant to the people of Busoga and beyond. Most especially i would like to thank management and staff of BIDCAF who ensure that the day to day running of the organization is maintained. Furthermore i thank our global partners and financial donors who see to it that we are financially facilitated in order to fufill our annual strategic plans put in place.

We as Board of Directors we would like to pledge our commitment to the cause of BIDCAF growth and that we will do all it takes to see that more lives are reached, touched and transformed.

Board of Directors Name List

  Rev. Mufumba Fredrick   Rev. Mufumba Fredrick

Chairperson Board of Directors

  Mr. Jolly R. Luballe   Mr. Jolly R. Luballe

Board Secretary

  Mrs. Ngobi Sylvia   Mrs. Ngobi Sylvia

Vice Chairperson

  Mrs. Nakasango Irene   Mrs. Nakasango Irene


  Mrs. Babine Maureen   Mrs. Babine Maureen

Board/Committee Member

  Mr. Mukose Joshua   Mr. Mukose Joshua

Board/Committee Member


Message from the Executive Director: (Mr. Jolly R. Luballe)

ED Jolly

Dear Friends and Fellow Christians,

It’s a pleasure to serve the Lord our God and his people through the different ministries for which we are called, and for which BIDCAF is one. It’s a joy to witness how God has helped us to achieve what we set out to do all these years. BIDCAF has come a long way as an organization over the past twenty years and is growing into a formidable institution with expanded programs in the Eastern region of Uganda so far, of atleast five districts in each subregions of Busoga and Mt. Elgon.

We at BIDCAF appreciate the support and deliberate efforts of the key stakeholders including, the board, districts local governments, civil society organizations partners, development partners, management staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries in providing views and ideas to make our mission plan a reality.

We are grateful for generous support from Our International and National Partner Organisations for the financial support to BIDCAF and our doors remain open to such continued effort.

Together we can reduce vulnerability in the marginalized societies with God’s guidance and blessings.

Program Management Staff Name List

  Mr. Jolly R. Luballe   Mr. Jolly R. Luballe

Executive Director

  Mr. Kepher Chenyami   Mr. Kepher Chenyami

Finance Manager

  Mrs. Susan Mugabi   Mrs. Susan Mugabi


  Mrs. Pamella Kibita   Mrs. Pamella .B. Kibita

Assisrant. Human Resource Manager

  Mr. Davis Naigeni   Mr. Davis Naigeni

Program Manager

  Mr. John Micheal Mukisa   Mr. John Michael Mukisa

Data Entry Assistants

  Miss. Rebecca .K.   Miss. Rebecca Kyakuwaire

Data Manager,

  Mrs. Pamella Kibita   Mrs. Pamella Birungi Kibita

Health and HIV/AIDS Project Officer

  Mrs. Juliet Kakazi   Mrs. Juliet Kakazi

Educational Quality Project Officer

  Mr. Kiiza Jamiru   Mr. Kiiza Jamiru

Support Staff - Driver

  Miss. Annet Namakika   Miss. Annet Namakika

Support Staff - Welfare

    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

  Volunteering Terms   Volunteering EOI form

The BIDCAF's Board of Directors is responsible for all governance issues; while the Management team headed by the Executive Director is responsible for spearheading the organisation mission pursue.

Board members avoid getting too involved in day to day management of BIDCAF, although they do so when need arises.


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