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 Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation

Vision Brief: All Society Vulnerable, Marginalized and Deprived people live to their full potential with rights fulfilled.
Mission Brief: Awaken Individual and groups of people to their needs and ability to practical change in a participatory socio-economic development partnership
Values Brief: Christianity; Respect for each other; Transparency and accountable; Working as a team; Producing quality results.


Our financial position in transforming thousands of lives.

BIDCAF has successfully managed resources from partners to transform Marginalized and Vulnerable lives since 2010. (Details are in the narrative audits and program progress Reports).

Our Successful Financial Management System:
BIDCAF's Finance Department is headed by the Finance Manager supported by Grants Accountant(s) per project, who routinely follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in all financial operations with a well-documented financial policies manual support made available to all employees.
BIDCAF's policies include a detailed Chart of Account in which different donor funds are tracked separately in the organization’s General Ledger. Financial reports by funding sources and line items are prepared monthly comparing actual expenditures versus budgets with cases of adverse variances investigated, discussed and mitigation measures agreed upon accordingly (timely budget monitoring by the board of directors, executive director & program manager).
Cash/cheque controls include segregation of duties, requirement of at least two signatories for each cheque. Bank reconciliations are done monthly by different individual from those involved in processing of payments/checks. Suppliers are selected through competitive bidding processes to ensure value for money. Fixed assets inventory is maintained for each project indicating asset value, procurement date, asset number, donor and location. Timesheets are maintained for all salaried employees. Independent audit function are carried out for project on annual basis.

Audit Reports:

Can contact us for any of these Audit Report(s), please.
2016 Financial Audit Report and Annual Program Report
2015 Financial Audit Report and Annual Program Report
2014 Financial Audit Report and Annual Program Report
2013 Financial Audit Report and Annual Program Report
2012 Financial Audit Report and Annual Program Report

Partners: (Funders, Networks and Collaboration):

National and International Organisations:
Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) is "Strengthening local government response to OVCs",
Civil Society Fund (CSF) is "Supporting Households of PLHIV in livelihood improvement",
Symphysis charitable fund Zürich Switzerland is "Improving Community livelihood in Luuka district"
The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) is "Strengthening youth participation in democratization"
Positive Action for Children’s Fund is "Ending child Marriage"
USAID/World Vision Uganda is "Ending Violence against children in schools"
Stephen Lewis Foundation Toronto, ON, M5T 2E4 Canada is "Education and livelihood support to orphans and vulnerable children Improving food security in Luuka district"
USAID/University Research Council is "Scaling up comprehensive HIV Service delivery" and "Luuka District RHITES-EC"
USAID/PATH is "Strengthening Accountability for better health"
Private Sector Foundation is "Strengthening private sector capacity"

In 2015 sub-granted "Alpha Child Care organizations development" to implement a project of Improving livelihood of orphans and vulnerable children.
In 2014 sub-granted "Centre for Evangelism" to implement a project of Strengthening the component of village savings and loans association among women.
In 2013 sub-granted "Out Reach Care (ORC)" to implement a project of Scaling up comprehensive HIV services


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Nation News: New Vision; Daily Monitor; The Observer; Red Pepper Uganda Police Force

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