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 Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation

Vision Brief: All Society Vulnerable, Marginalized and Deprived people live to their full potential with rights fulfilled.
Mission Brief: Awaken Individual and groups of people to their needs and ability to practical change in a participatory socio-economic development partnership
Values Brief: Christianity; Respect for each other; Transparency and accountable; Working as a team; Producing quality results.

About Us

Who We Are

Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation (BIDCAF) is a Christian, non-profit NGO whose headquarters are based in Iganga on Kasoma Road, Silver Ward, Iganga Municipal Council aims at contributing to the well-being of vulnerable children and other marginalized and deprived people in society since 1996.
BIDCAF was established in June 1996 and was registered as an NGO by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 12th Novemeber 1997 under registration No. S.5914/2096 and due to its operational area expansion is now in the process of upgrading to Benevolent Integrated Development and Care Foundation.

BIDCAF's zeal is to transform thousands of lives with a Smile:
Vision: A society where all the Vulnerable, Marginalized and Deprived people live to their full potential and their rights fulfilled.
Mission: To help individual people and groups awaken to their needs and ability to change, and put this change to practical use through a participatory and partnership approaches, plus multiplier effect with a view of promoting sustainable socio-economic development.
Christianity (GOD created us in HIS Own Image to Love one another);
Respect for each other (Dignity of the people/community and in their ability to overcome problems and pressure that can exploit them);
Transparency and accountable (Effective stewardship of the financial resources entrusted to us);
Working as a team (Development as an empowerment process that should involve people’s full participation);
Producing quality results (Efficient delivery of services and attainment of planned results).

What We Do

BIDCAF interventions are intended to care and support orphans and other vulnerable children as per the specific areas below;

Children Rights Protection and Promotion:
Our key intervention involves (Social, Economic and Legal childhood promotion)
Every child to have the full access to their right to: survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact their lives, irrespective of the child's race, color, gender, class or religion. Girls to have same opportunities as boys. Childhood can and must be preserved at all times...
“Rights" are things one should have or be able to do. Sometimes, we have to think about rights in terms of what is best for children in a particular situation, and what is critical to life and protection from harm. As you grow, you have more responsibility to make choices and exercise your rights.
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Education Support for OVC:
Our key intervention involves "Subsidizing schoolling requirements and sanitary pads for girls to encourage enrolment, retention and completion of primary and ordinary level"
"Supporting the OVC schools improve on their education quality service provision through quality education monitoring support and teachers' capacity building.
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Primary Health & HIV /AIDS positive prevention and care support:
Our key intervention involves: "Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission and promoting improved birth spacing,"
"HIV & TB prevention screening control, voluntary counseling, testing and guidance for appropriate medical care,"
"Supporting targeted clinical outreaches for massive campaigns,"
"Advocating for the provision of anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy for HIV-positives,"
"Strengthening community referrals, linkage networks and Health Facility/Center's information management,"
"Integrating the psychological and spiritual aspects for patient care,
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Food Security and Economic Strengthening Support:
Our key intervention involves: "Continous community household assessment, mobilisation, orientations and sensitization on effects of food insecurity and malnutrition,"
"Encouraging grouped household farming and training in good sustainable agricultural practices on soil fertility & water harvesting management, crop and animal husbandry,"
"Supporting the establishment of household nutritious kitchen gardening and community farm garderning schools,"
"Strengthening VSLA group dynamics and their information management,"
"Linking markets to commercial community farmers,
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Widows and Orphans Legal and Aid Support:
Our key intervention involves: "Provide free legal and non-legal advice on property and inheritance rights,"
"Strengthening the capacity of local council I & III courts to handle property and inheritance rights and child related cases such as domestic violence, abuse, and neglect,"
"Conduct trainings for local leaders in child protection issues, rights, and laws,"
"Promote dialogue meetings addressing domestic violence, abuse, and neglect,
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Our Coverage

Government of Uganda Districts: (Districts of Luuka, Iganga, Namutumba, Kaliro, Kamuli, Mayuge, Budaka, Mbale, Bududa, Kibuku, Manafwa, Bukede, Tororo, Butaleja, Bugiri )

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