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 Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation

Vision Brief: All Society Vulnerable, Marginalized and Deprived people live to their full potential with rights fulfilled.
Mission Brief: Awaken Individual and groups of people to their needs and ability to practical change in a participatory socio-economic development partnership
Values Brief: Christianity; Respect for each other; Transparency and accountable; Working as a team; Producing quality results.

Our OVC Education Support

BIDCAF has endeavored to integrate HIV prevention in it's OVC school interventions, and is ready to partner (public-private partnerships) with efforts that seek to protect and promote education as one of the children rights impact to empower targeted communities. (The UN Global Business Coalition for Education in its Framework for Business Engagement, noted that, education is not only good for society but also good for business. )

Our approach can be broadly categorized as:
Assessing, Monitor and Evaluating the child's vulnerability using the school visits monitoring tool(s)
Supporting and working with school administration to understand quality Psycho Social Support services to OVC (Strengthen Roles of the Teacher as a Psychosocial Support Service provider to OVC in schools).
Prevent/Avoid HIV effects in-school through Awareness Creation.
Create an Enabling Environment for OVC affected by HIV/AIDS in school.
Establish an interpersonal working relationship with OVC caregivers/guardians.
Lobby Partnership and Public Support to generate funds and resources for contributing to creating an environment in which children enjoy their basic rights and Enable Change.

Children Formal Education and Social Assessment:
We gather children termly performance reported results & analyze it further to understand their education trends and share our findings with key stakeholders in their education especially the school administration, the parents/guardians
In addition to their termly academic performance we gather information on their social behaviour and relate these two factors to help contribute to a reduced vulnerability status.
We encourage children to actively take part in the decision-making processes of this kind since it affects their future lives.

In Preventing/Avoiding HIV effects in-school through Awareness Creation,
• We provide information on HIV and AIDS.
• We encourage children to abstain from sex.
• We discuss with children the dangers associated with early sex.
• We discourage children from sharing body piercing instruments.
• We encourage children to avoid situations that may require blood transfusion.
• We educate children on the dangers of drug and alcohol use.
• We promote safe male circumcision among young boys.
• We encourgae HIV+ children to adhere to their drug regiment.
• We promote HIV testing and counseling among children and their parents/guardians.

In creating an enabling environment for Children affected by HIV/AIDS in-schools
• We promote the sensitization and education on HIV prevention, stigma & discrimination.
• We promote the development of appropriate messages in school compounds (a.k.a Talking compounds).
• We advocate for OVC sensitive school rule(s) and regulation(s).
• We promote ARV drug adherence and retention into care.
• We Promote children's rights in the school community.
• We promote the provision of PSS to OVC in school.
• We promote the formation of school clubs for debates, sports etc.

Establishing interpersonal working with OVC caregivers/guardians.
Schedule regular visits to homes where OVC come from.
Reconcile OVC with the family in-case there are tensions between them.
Share with parents/guardians relevant information regarding the index OVC.

Lobby Partnership and Public Support. We rise funds to meet the schooling requirement for OVC, especially School Fees, School Uniform, Shoes, girls Sanitary pads School bags, Books, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, and others as may be required.


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